Ironmark's AI experts Lynne Kingsley & Don Clark had a fantastic time talking about the AI tools and implementation for business in this webinar. We want to thank everyone who attended for making the webinar such a success! We are thrilled by the high demand for AI coaching from Ironmark that we are already experienced since our kickoff announcement. 


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Our webinar was designed to help small marketing teams take charge when it comes to implementing AI at work. Our team has been following the research and development of all of your favorite LLM's since the very beginning. This webinar focuses on laying the groundwork for implementing AI safely, creating company guidelines, and more!

If you missed out on the live webinar, don't worry - you can download a recording now by. Simply fill out the form to the right to access the webinar. And while you're here, take in some great information breaking down the basics of ChatGPT in a webinar from last year, featured below. 


Brush up on Breaking Down the basics of chatgpt:


About our Presenters:

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Lynne Kingsley
VP of marketing & Strategic services

Lynne oversees the Digital Marketing Client Services team, as well as the Marketing Strategy Division at Ironmark. She is a certified inbound marketing professional, HubSpot agency partner, and avid believer in human-led AI, and the integral checks and balances that only a skill-sharpened professional can provide when operating such a tool. Lynne has also led keynote discussions around AI-Powered Creativity and in her free time, enjoys research and development surrounding the subject.


The Team - Ironmark
 SENIOR DIRECTOR OF Agency services
 Don's background in marketing, website design, and content development experience brings a unique perspective to the rapidly growing landscape of AI in the workforce. Don enjoys experimenting with new and upcoming AI tools and plug-ins to best optimize his time as a busy director. From use cases to historical examples, Don's knowledge for leveraging artificial intelligence while practicing best judgement will shed light on how to approach today's cutting-edge advancements.