Association publications audit guide


A publications audit improves the impact of your association publications and gives you the chance to judge who you are as an association.

Many associations struggle with "that's-the-way-we've-always-done-it" syndrome. Performing a publications audit will get you out of that rut. You can get a crystal clear view of how members and stakeholders view your association.

An association publications audit is a great opportunity to judge what your brand stands for, who you are as an association, and what you need to do from an organizational standpoint to fix any problems or issues. It’s like an annual check-up with your doctor. If you want to avoid confusing prospective members and other stakeholders, a periodic review of your publications is a smart strategy.

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You can conduct an audit of your association’s publications with the eye of a professional – even if you aren’t one. Get the guide and do-it-yourself!