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 Anytime, Anywhere: The GPT On-Demand Webinar
Thank you to everyone who attended our latest webinar, Secrets Unlocked: Breaking Down the Basics of ChatGPT - our most popular webinar to date. In case you missed it, you can watch our premier webinar on demand! To learn more on AI and the developments of ChatGPT, checkout our blogs and join our LinkedIn One Person Marketing Teams community mentioned in the session here! 
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About the PresenterS:

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Lynne Kingsley
VP of marketing & Strategic services

Lynne oversees the digital marketing client services team as well as the marketing strategy division at Ironmark USA. She is a certified inbound marketing professional, HubSpot agency partner, and avid believer in human led AI, and the integral checks and balances that only a skill-sharpened professional can provide when operating such a tool.


The Team - Ironmark
 SENIOR DIRECTOR OF Agency services
 Don's background in marketing, website design, and  content development experience brings a unique perspective to the rapidly growing landscape of AI in the workforce. From use cases to historic examples, Don's knowledge for leveraging artificial intelligence while practicing best judgement, will shed light how to approach today's cutting edge advancements.