"we only had one shot"

Event planning can be tricky at best, disastrous at worst. From complex venue logistics to creating a memorable design, to registration glitches, event planners need partners who take the stress away, not add to it. See how one association turned lemons into lemonade with a wildly successful anniversary event.

event planning case study: HRCI® achieves 60% higher attendance at 40th anniversary event

It was one of the biggest challenges in Shawna Haggerty’s event-planning career.

That’s partly because of its importance – her organization’s 40th Anniversary – and partly because the venue was the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., where restrictions were especially rigorous.


  • Create a fantastic event with complex logistics
  • Install and de-install in a venue with rigorous restrictions
  • Work within a tight timeline - less than 90 days
  • Get it right with high stakes - only one chance


  • Work with a trusted partner
  • Collaborate with one experienced marketing team to handle creative, production, and installation
  • Include creative, whimsical ideas to make the event memorable


  • Attendance 60% higher than expected
  • Highly rated event with excellent feedback from attendees
  • Installation and load-out ran on time
  • Easy and quick de-install; warehousing and delivery of post-event supplies