Why Your Digital Marketing Still Needs Print

Download this e-book to make the case for print in 2022.

Really, it's about striking a balance.

We get it. In 2019, print had been declining since the movie "You've Got Mail".

Now it's 2022 and as it turns out, it's again on the rise, and becoming the cool, new, non-traditional medium. You can't afford to miss out on cutting through the digital clutter.

Creating a balance between print marketing and digital marketing will leave a lasting impression and maximize your customer outreach. 

While much of your customer base might be fixated online, there is a significant portion that still enjoys having a physical, colorful copy of your brochure or catalogue that they can flip through. And based on learning styles, many customers will enjoy both!

Start reading below or download the PDF to learn:

  • Why print provides staying power.
  • Why digital is the ultimate targeting tool.
  • How to elevate your digital campaigns with print.

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Digital Marketing Dominates

Many marketers (especially Millennials) have proclaimed the death of the print medium. But don’t burn your brochures yet….

Digital Marketing Dominates

Long live digital!

Digital marketing does have some great strengths:

  1. It’s Trackable
  2. It’s Dynamic and Relevant
  3. It’s Interactive
  4. It’s Retarget-able

Digital Is Trackable: There's No Better Way to Measure ROI

Analytics Tracking

Track what's working (or not).

Use apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and email campaign tools to measure the success of your marketing efforts by:

  • Ad campaign
  • Headline
  • Time of day
  • Geography
  • Specified demographics
  • Requesting it sliced and diced however you want it

Digital Is the Ultimate Targeting Tool

Dynamic and Relevant

Dynamic and Relevant: Pushing the Best Message Out

  • Identify those looking for your product or service through keywords or relevant sites.
  • Talk to exactly the person you want to, at the right time, in the format they prefer.
  • Marketing automation lets landing pages speak directly to each user.
  • Emails and Facebook can be parsed by demographic or even individual.

Interactive: Getting Valuable Information Back

  • Social networking sites, review sites and online forums foster expansive dialogues.
  • Customers can interact by asking questions and providing feedback on you and your competitors.

Digital Is Retarget-able: Reel Em' In!

RetargetingLearn about your customers by looking at data like:

  • Where people click
  • How long they stay on the site
  • What they actually read
  • What sites they visit

Then, increase your frequency through retargeting.

Retarget (verb): to reach those who have clicked on your site but got distracted by a text message, phone call, pizza delivery, etc. before buying, you can serve ads on other sites they visit to keep your product or service top of mind.

Maximizing Digital with Print

Maximizing Print with Digital

Break through the clutter – print has presence.

Digital ChaosThe headline and subheader tells us what you're offering, and the form header closes the deal. Over here you can explain why your offer is so great it's worth filling out a form for.

  1. It’s a Clutter Buster
  2. It’s Tangible
  3. It Encourages Focus
  4. It’s Built for Different Learning Styles
  5. It’s Hard to Delete

For all its upsides, digital media can drown us too.

When we’re overwhelmed, we go to what we know – print.

“Seventeen new webpages are published every second.” –Andrew Davis, Marketing Speaker and Bestselling Author

Print Is Tangible and Demands Focus

Print Is Tangible


  • Print provides staying power; it elevates content with physical strength and weight.
  • Print extends the lifespan for short-lived digital.
  • Print provides quality over quantity.


  • It’s impossible to multi-task when reading a piece of mail or a magazine (unlike in digital).
  • Print provides a completely different perspective and forces you to focus.

Print Aids Comprehension and Is Lasting

Learning Styles

Suits Your Style: How Do You Learn?

  • Kinesthetic and reading/writing people need print to process content best.
  • Digital just can’t come close here.

Sticks Around: No Delete Button!

  • One click or swipe can’t wipe out a print piece; you need to physically recycle it.
  • And that means it usually sticks around for a while…
Print works for different learning styles and is un-deletable – two more reasons to use it.

Combining Digital and Print

Combining Digital and Print

Digital + Print = An exponentially better way to reach and engage your customers.

Get the best of both worlds.

  • Use digital to track, target, interact and retarget.
  • Use print to break through clutter, provide tangibility, force focus, suit learning styles, and stay around awhile.
  • Apply the learning from digital to widen digital reach and elevate the best content to print.
  • Enjoy the results.