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You don’t need us to tell you that the healthcare industry is balancing a number of critical functions in a critically fragile time. Between your patients’ immediate needs (pandemic related and not) and the post-COVID reality that we’re all working towards, you face mountains of challenges which make practicing medicine much more than just administering care.

Then there’s the marketing. Now more than ever, your marketing is critical, too. With COVID concerns, you need to inform and guide patients in ways that you haven’t before. And when you’re managing multiple locations, this means that your marketing team has some heavy lifting to do:

  • Communicating your value proposition to prospects and current patients
  • Maintaining your messaging and design consistency among locations
  • Customizing for each locations' diverse target audiences and unique needs
  • Devising an easily accessible central repository for all marketing efforts
  • Clearly delineating between practitioner and field-based staff responsibilities
  • Managing mission critical work while still getting the best marketing from your staff
  • Creating signage, documents, website updates, e-communications and other important vehicles to inform patients of changing COVID-19 guidelines and safety measures as well as routine information

These initiatives require a full team, which you could put together in-house or  in pieces with a graphic designer, content writer, social media strategist, and digital marketing manager (which would each have to be a master at a variety of different specialties and could drain your budget quickly).

Or you could partner with us. A number of medical teams in the DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania area and beyond have chosen Ironmark to solidify and promote their brand, educate and help their patients, increase their sales and grow their organizations for long-term success. 

Our services help to procure your materials efficiently, even if you have:

  • Multiple locations in the United States, internationally, or both
  • Hundreds or thousands of employees including employees that work remotely
  • Standard orders, or even "one-off" orders
  • Field managers or franchisees who need bespoke materials

We streamline for success. When multiple locations move in synchronized simplicity, your efforts are exponentially multiplied – and rewarded with real results. We are marketing experts. Let us help you maximize your marketing.

Franchise Services

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Ironmark empowers marketers at the corporate level to streamline the ordering of printed materials across multiple franchise locations.

We enable all multi-unit medical offices to order their own materials online as needed, per your approval, and with analytical reporting.

Our solutions are customized for the practitioner and turnkey for the field offices, so you can rest assured that you and all of your locations are in good hands.

Your Medical Franchise Marketing Powerhouse

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Whether you’re a medical franchise provider in the Primary Care, PT, Radiology, Urgent Care, Urology or other fields, we have the knowledge to turn your current marketing and operations communications efforts into a well-coordinated, well-organized, on-message and optimized marketing juggernaut.

As your all-in, all-in-one partner, Ironmark makes things a cinch. Choose from services designed especially for multi-unit medical specialists. We can also help you create a customized package:

Print Production & Management:

Logistics, Fulfillment & E-commerce Platforms:

  • Leverage our Web-to-Print storefront for approved print materials, email templates, videos, POS signage, presentations, promotional products and more.
  • Get location-based access to custom order location-specific materials, with the efficiency and cost-savings of using one print vendor
  • Use our shipping and fulfillment services to get materials, such as signage or marketing pieces, to the right place with time to spare.
  • Get warehousing, storing and pick/pack services 

Digital Marketing:

Creative & Graphic Design Services:

Indoor & Outdoor Signage, Point-of-Sale, Promotional Products and More:

Make It Even Easier with Online Ordering

It’s the user-friendliest:

  • Guaranteed pricing and order turnaround times
  • Order approval processing and order notifications
  • Inventory warehousing, and pick and pack fulfillment
  • Secure login credentials for individuals, locations or both
  • Flexible payment options to account for HQ payments or individual medical office location payments or a mix of both

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